Ever run or attended an event only to find the audio visual equipment is not working properly or fails in the middle of a presentation?

Not a good look.

Having made a considerable investment in conference audio visual equipment, many organisations forget the importance of audio visual maintenance and servicing. Just like your car, you need to ensure projectors, sound equipment, electronic screens and electronic whiteboards are serviced regularly to ensure they are working at their best and help extend their life.

Dust is the enemy of all AV equipment. Once inside it can cause all sorts of problems. For example, dust in projectors is a common problem, particularly for ceiling projectors. Whilst projector filters help reduce the effects of dust for a period of time, they still need to be cleaned and replaced regularly before damage is done. Projector repairs can be expensive, so it is best to carry out preventative maintenance with an audio visual technician on a regular basis.

Whist doing the projector servicing, an AV technician can also check the life span of your projector globes and advise when to replace the globe. You should ensure you have a spare globe on site at all times and replace the globe in the projector before it is due to expire.

At Audio Visual Services Pty Ltd we can provide both regular and once off AV maintenance and support programs to extend the life and reliability of your conference equipment and audio visual gear. Our expert technicians are efficient and friendly and will provide you with professional service at great rates. Get in touch to find out more.