Guarantee - Audio Visual Services (AVS) Melbourne


For 90 days of supply, install or maintaining audio visual systems, services or products, it is our guarantee that you’ll get your money back if you are not satisfied on reasonable grounds.

To be eligible for the satisfaction guarantee, you have met these terms and conditions and must notify us immediately of any problem as well as confirm in writing ASAP within 24 hours to

If we cannot rectify the matter within a reasonable time frame, you will be refunded the value of our service.

This satisfaction guarantee does not apply to events that could not have been reasonably foreseen nor to equipment or service failure in the event of fire, flood, foreign objects, liquid, vermin, neglect, accident, misuse failure to operate or store the equipment as per equipment warranty terms and conditions.

Nor does it apply to inadequate data, antenna, electrical or other system not supplied by AVS. Failure to regularly maintain and care for the equipment. Failure to provide proof of purchase of equipment or systems via a tax invoice. Modifications to installation, set up or equipment that has not been performed by AVS.