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  • A one-stop provider of audio visual services & equipment
  • AV services & equipment for all budgets
  • Professional service & advice from AV experts
  • Great rates
  • Objective advice independent of any AV equipment brand
  • No over-specification of equipment you won’t end up using
  • We recommend AV to match your technical needs & budget
  • Wall & ceiling mounted projectors, screens, LCDs, sound
  • Boardroom & Corporate audio visual
  • Audio video equipment rentals & audio visual hire
  • Repair & maintain your in-house audio visual equipment
  • Expert AV Operators to run your special events
  • Event & conference equipment hire & installations
  • Smart integration of all AV components
  • Supply projector globes, filters & other AV technical backup
  • Training your staff to make the most of your AV systems

Audio Visual System

Trust Us for Audio Visual Systems

Whether you’re an owner of a corporate organisation or the head of an education institute, you’ll know the value of installing audiovisual systems in your rooms. The days of an individual standing up front talking through worksheets are gone. To hold your audience’s focus – be it potential clients or students with a short attention span – you need to engage their senses. An AV system allows you a degree of freedom to enhance presentations or lessons by appealing to the sight and sound of the audience. Audio Visual Services is a reputable supplier and installer of high-quality systems for corporates and schools, amongst others.  

Benefits of AV Equipment in Melbourne

At school, students absorb data differently and at various speeds. Some can understand vocal teaching, while others require illustrations and demonstrations to understand a concept. This principle applies to adulthood in corporate organisations where employees understand information differently. Installing audio equipment in Melbourne can positively impact your employees.

  • It’s common knowledge that human resources departments struggle to encourage interaction between staff members. An audio visual installation creates the space for a conversation to occur regarding particular systems. The more your employees communicate with each other, the better their understanding of what you’re trying to teach. Consequently, you’ll have better trained and engaged employees in your organisation.
  • Production companies adopt a certain procedure that takes care of a specific phase of manufacturing. Your team may work in a production line where they must remember their role and the steps you require them to take. Forgetting a simple step in the process can become a costly affair. For this reason, an audio visual element ensures that they remember their duties and each step of the process. You can apply the same principle at a school level.
  • Having access to these systems will save you time and money. Visual aids are essential for managing your employees and communicating the message via photographs, videos, graphs, and diagrams. They grasp the ideas quicker, which means you don’t waste time in having your team be productive for you.

What to Expect from Audio Visual Services Regarding Audio Visual in Melbourne

We handle the installation of your audio visual systems in organisations of all sizes.

  • We offer a complete design service where we’ll assist your business to achieve its audio visual goals cost-effectively. Our installation team takes care of procuring the equipment and fitting it into your required rooms. We’ll handle the commission and staff training.
  • We collaborate with the best manufacturers to custom design user-friendly systems. As such, we’ve created specific packages that suit various needs and budgets. You can expect prominent brands that can last several years.
  • Apart from supplying the elements for your system and installing them, our team provides phone support 24 hours a day throughout the week. Additionally, if your system requires repairs or maintenance, our technical team can provide this service.

About Audio Visual Services

We have over three decades of experience in the audio visual industry with a team of reliable and experienced technicians. We’re only ten minutes away from the CBD, which means we can get to your office without a hassle. Contact us to discuss your audio visual solutions.